Allison Edrington. Photo by Jeremy Ball
Photo by Jeremy Ball

Allison is a media consultant and freelance writer based in Humboldt, California. Since 2011, she has provided business writing and social media management services to brands around the world through her business Eris & Edrington Writing Company.

She currently provides media consulting and writing services for businesses, farms and political causes, and serves as the Cannabis Editor for The Clever Root, a print magazine exploring the intricacies of “everything good that grows.” In May 2016, Allison became the founding board president of the Humboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

As part of the Ganjier Media’s founding team in 2014, Allison was editor-in-chief of TheGanjier.com for two years and also produced events including the 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award and the 1st and 2nd annual Ganjier Spring Kickoff.

As a “recovering journalist,” she has contributed to major publications including The New York Times, The SOMM Journal, and The Emerald Magazine. She has previously worked as a staff writer for daily newspapers, covering local elections, Humboldt cannabis policy, city government and criminal court cases.

Contact her at allison@allisonedrington.com.


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