Clever Storage Ideas For Your Home

How well do you store your home items? You might be having a lot of things hanging around in your house, but you have no idea of how to store them. You can buy hundreds of plastic storage tins, but maybe, you can create one yourself. Below are ways of decorating your home using various storage ideas.

Get your magazine holder

You might decide to put your items in a plastic bag. However, having so many plastic bags around might make a room look untidy. So, what can you do? Bring out those magazine holders from the store. They can be useful in the kitchen. You can place the light chopping boards inside or your matchbox, or your small box of cookies.

Make use of the egg carton

For someone who loves coffee, you might end up having a lot of K-cups lying all over because you don’t have a space for them. Well, the good news is, these cups can fit in the egg carton. Putting the cups in an egg carton is a nice way of storing them rather than lying all over the kitchen counter.

Make your clips using a hanger

Have you ever tried to store your half-eaten crisps and don’t taste as fresh the next day? Well, take that hanger that is lying on your bedroom floor, the one designed for skirts. Remove the clip part and use it for your bag of crisps. With one hanger, you are supposed to get two clips.

Did you know you can turn your wall into a storage space with customized shelves? Tylko helps you do the most no matter how little space you’ve got. It has several ideas on how you can achieve a storage idea:

Vertical design

You can custom design your shelves from the ceiling coming down to the floor. The vertical design will create more space for a storage facility. Keep in mind the items you would want to store, then determine the size.

Art arrangement

If you do your planning well, you can create cabinets on your wall and use the space around it as an office. You can have smaller and larger compartments and add a desktop to give it a final desirable look.

Painting and pictures

With the vertical design idea, you can place your painting and pictures on the shelves after the shelves are done.

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