Create a stunning eco-friendly bathroom

These days, great design shouldn’t only look good- it should be good for the planet too. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or to build a new one from scratch, check out our top tips for a beautiful yet environmentally-friendly space.

Use sustainable materials

Bathrooms work well with natural fibres and materials, such as bamboo, hemp, and hessian. They are all fast-growing so that crops can be replenished easily, and they add lots of soft, earthy tones. When it comes to towels and bathmats, look for organic cotton, and treated wood and stonework work well for sink surrounds.

Add lots of plants

Keep things green with lots of beautiful plants. Keep big potted plants on the floor, add succulents on shelves, and hang trailing plants by your bath. You can also keep the air around you clean and healthy by making sure the space is well ventilated, and by using eco-friendly cleaning products. There are dozens of cleaning sprays that are environmentally-friendly, staying away from harsh chemicals like bleach while still keeping your bathroom clean and smelling fresh.

Keep your water flow low

There are lots of devices available that help to monitor and control your water usage. You can choose low-flow taps and toilets that reduce the volume of water that is released, as well as showers that keep wastewater to a minimum. It doesn’t mean compromising on water pressure though, as many models aerate the water to keep a strong flow.

Clever Storage Ideas For Your Home

How well do you store your home items? You might be having a lot of things hanging around in your house, but you have no idea of how to store them. You can buy hundreds of plastic storage tins, but maybe, you can create one yourself. Below are ways of decorating your home using various storage ideas.

Get your magazine holder

You might decide to put your items in a plastic bag. However, having so many plastic bags around might make a room look untidy. So, what can you do? Bring out those magazine holders from the store. They can be useful in the kitchen. You can place the light chopping boards inside or your matchbox, or your small box of cookies.

Make use of the egg carton

For someone who loves coffee, you might end up having a lot of K-cups lying all over because you don’t have a space for them. Well, the good news is, these cups can fit in the egg carton. Putting the cups in an egg carton is a nice way of storing them rather than lying all over the kitchen counter.

Make your clips using a hanger

Have you ever tried to store your half-eaten crisps and don’t taste as fresh the next day? Well, take that hanger that is lying on your bedroom floor, the one designed for skirts. Remove the clip part and use it for your bag of crisps. With one hanger, you are supposed to get two clips.

Did you know you can turn your wall into a storage space with customized shelves? Tylko helps you do the most no matter how little space you’ve got. It has several ideas on how you can achieve a storage idea:

Vertical design

You can custom design your shelves from the ceiling coming down to the floor. The vertical design will create more space for a storage facility. Keep in mind the items you would want to store, then determine the size.

Art arrangement

If you do your planning well, you can create cabinets on your wall and use the space around it as an office. You can have smaller and larger compartments and add a desktop to give it a final desirable look.

Painting and pictures

With the vertical design idea, you can place your painting and pictures on the shelves after the shelves are done.

Home Library Design Ideas

Even though we have transcended into the digital age, nothing beats the authenticity of reading from a book. It gets strenuous to read from computer monitors and mobile phone screens not to mention how precious a book collection gets over time. 

In most homes, people reserve a space to keep their favorite literature material which ranges from magazines, novels, novels, academic literature, and even newspapers and dailies. Over time, they stack and can make the entire household experience clutter. Furthermore, it is much easier for these items to gather dust and create a breeding space for small pests. We take an in-depth look at some of the styles that you can incorporate to improve the general appearance of your home.


There are a couple of designs that you can employ to create the ultimate bookcase. It all depends on the space available in your home, as well as the size of your literature collection. For instance, some people love the general appearance of large libraries, such as those found in most universities. These tend to mirror those of some of the oldest learning institutions in the world. Such designs are also present in archives and are common due to the fact that they can hold a large number of books. The design is known as the soaring wood shelf design which is simple yet classical. A significant highlight is the finely carved edges. 

You can opt to customize the shelves where you get compartments in different sizes. Additionally, you can also choose to add drawers in the lower levels which are more ideal for publications such as magazines, newspapers, and dailies which cannot be stored vertically. Here, you can place them horizontally and tuck them away in stylish drawers.

As for the upper compartments, the books can be neatly arranged in a vertical, upright position. This makes it easier to pick your favorite title easily just as you would in a library where everything was cataloged. If space is a major concern in your home, then our team can help you customize your design. A double-duty library comes into play in such scenarios. You can customize a shelf to fit into a dining or living room. This way, not only does it hold books but some compartments can hold ornate objects such as carvings, sculptures, and even a clock. For more insight, you can visit our site (