Articles from January-April 2018

Weed World

Kevin Jodrey and I continue our series highlighting the methods used by Humboldt’s craft cannabis farmers in this international publication.

  • “Unbound Growth: Veg Advice from Humboldt’s Finest” (Issue 131)
  • “Feeding Humboldt’s Flowers: How Humboldt’s Sungrown Farmers Handle the Flowering Cycle” (Issue 132)
  • “How Humboldt Harvests: Meeting the Demands of the Hungry California Market” (Issue 133)

The Emerald Magazine

  • “A New Cannabis Infused Drink That Acts Fast To Heat Things Up” (February issue)
  • “Running, Cannabis and You!” featuring Ronnie Stetter (March issue)
  • “Can Olympic Athletes Use Cannabis?” (March issue)
  • “Consumers Guide to Buying Cannabis: De-Mystifying the Labels of Craft Cannabis” (April issue)

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