Articles from May-September 2017

Foundtain pen Public Domain ImageBringing Humboldt’s farming mindset to a broader audience has been the focus of an ongoing series I started earlier this year in collaboration with Kevin Jodrey, an internationally recognized cultivation and propagation expert.

In the multi-part series for Weed World, we are doing a deep dive on how Humboldt cannabis farmers approach each stage of the cultivation cycle. For each piece, I have a chance to talk with long-time farmers and ag experts about how exactly they’ve reached their phenomenal results. The best part about this series: we are giving farmers around the world specific, technical advice from people who have successfully grown outdoor, light dep or indoor cannabis, or they have studied the process extensively and in ground breaking ways.

Kevin worked with Weed World for his take on selecting the right genetics in Issue 128. He and I followed that up with an in-depth look on soil building like Humboldt’s craft farmers do for Issue 129 — we connected with a broader group of farmers and soil blenders in the Emerald Triangle including Soilscape Solutions and Nomad’s Landing. They shared their best practices and told me their stories. In talking with so many folks, it was amazing to me how every farmer approaches the same problem a little differently. Patrick Smith from Grean Bicycles put it nicely when he said there isn’t “one way” to grow. “I think it’s obvious that a lot of things work.”

Issue 130 featured an in-depth, almost-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know piece on transplanting properly called “Strong Roots Survive.” Cannabis plants are up-potted as they grow to control the root mass and water use, and this article looked at both indoor and outdoor transplanting schedules and techniques. I was especially excited to include Jennifer Bruce of Sarkana and her perspective from growing indoors.

Next issue, No. 131, will feature a detailed look at how sungrown farmers care for their plants during the vegetative growth cycle and manage problems that arise.

Aside from the Weed World series, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with other online and print publications.

  1. I wrote a book review of The Cannabis Spa at Home for The Emerald Magazine, and it gave me a chance to revisit the recipes and language of one of the best cannabis how-to books I’ve read. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Hinchliffe in-person this year after a couple years of only talking by email. I reviewed her book for another outlet when it first came out, and it was a perfect addition to The Emerald’s Spa Issue in February because it continues to hold up. I’m excited for her new book High Teaseveral months after this article, her publisher reached out to me for a blurb on the back of the new book. I was happy to oblige! I got a sneak peek and it’s a wonderful collection of recipes and wisdom.
  2. I had an opportunity to taste and share my thoughts in a review of a gift set from Revive Organics for the April issue of The Emerald Magazine. The set included infused wine, chocolate and salve that were delightful to share with my husband as I reviewed the samples.
  3. For the September issue of The Emerald Magazine, I had an extra reason to attend the Celebrate Women of Cannabis conference in Arcata. Every speaker was engaging and knowledgeable, and it all focused on women-centric health concerns and community concerns. Condensing the day into one article was a worthy challenge.
  4. Through Emerald Heritage Farms, I was able to cover local cannabis policy meetings and other matters that other news outlets can’t/won’t cover.

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