Articles from Winter-Spring 2017

Cannabis ecoprinting artist
An eco-printed cannabis leaf on a silk scarf from Autumns collection.

I’ve had the opportunity to be featured in The Emerald Magazine, Emerald Heritage Farms and other publications in recent months. Working with The Emerald is an engaging challenge for me, as I am still fairly new to magazine writing. That softer style requires a more descriptive, light tone than the hard news approach for which I was trained. I’ve had positive feedback on the articles so far, and I’m working to improve my technique with every new feature.

Working with Emerald Heritage Farms lets me exercise that hard news muscle on local cannabis policies. I find this topic to be particularly satisfying, as Humboldt cannabis news coverage in non-niche media is spotty.

Here’s a round up of my recent articles and photos:

  1. Eco-printing Humboldt’s landscape — Local textile artist Autumn Glock transforms garments with her eco-printing techniques (one of her many talents). Using leaves and flowers from all over Humboldt, including cannabis, she is always learning new printing techniques to use them in and experimenting with new dye processes. It was a pleasure to write about her and her work.
  2. Filling in the gaps to help an exotic range of patients — I’ve known Alison Ettel, the founder of Treatwell, for a few years now, and I have always been impressed by her tenacity, her compassion and her never-ending drive. When The Emerald put out the call for content in the upcoming Pet Issue, I pitched this article. I’m glad I had a chance to feature Alison and how she is contributing to the community with scientific rigor.
  3. Eureka Looks at Changes to Cannabis Manufacturing, Ban on Signs — The Eureka City Council was approached by city staff, who asked for direction on three points that would change the medical commercial cannabis ordinance that they passed in September 2016. Staff was interested in removing volatile manufacturing, removing non-volatile manufacturing from a particular zone, and adjusting Testing Lab definitions. I also gave public comment at this meeting.
  4. Fighting For Women — I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyndra Miller in the last few years on a few projects and events, so I was stoked when The Emerald was interested in covering her for the Women of Weed issue.  “Captivating minds in the courtroom and when marching in the streets, Kyndra Miller has been a quiet, fiery force behind the cannabis industry, blazing trails in the courtroom and activating women and others along the way.”
  5. The Emerald was kind enough to feature me in their Women of Weed issue for January 2017.
  6. How to Engage Local Politicians on Cannabis in 2017 — I wrote an online article for Cannabis Now magazine that published on New Year’s Eve. Legal recreational cannabis may have passed in California, but the fight isn’t over. Local municipalities renewed their efforts to ban cannabis cultivation under this new paradigm. I wanted people who read it to have a path forward on engaging their community’s politicians. All politics is local; that’s where it has to start.
  7. Women Cultivating Community — The Highway launched in December 2016 with this article on the Humboldt Thinktank, a group of about two dozen women for which I am proud to be a part. I was excited to share how we had been collaborating toward realizing large, community-focused goals.

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