Pinterest Announces Rich Pins

Rich pinsPinterest publicly announced the launch of rich pins this morning that through the clever use of metatags will automatically pull more information about what people are pinning in 3 categories: Recipes, Products and Movies.

Hopefully, Recipe pins will catch on and fix one of the issues I have personally had with the social media website — when you see a delicious curry or tart, it takes several clicks and a little bit of looking to find the actual recipe. For recipes from the big food bloggers and other recipe websites, the Recipe pin will automatically pull the ingredients and more.

But will it benefit the food bloggers? If Pinterest users no longer have to click through to see the actual food blogs, will that impact the readership of the blog overall?  It depends on how much information is actually added into the pin (full recipe or highlights?), and whether a reader wants to see more from the same source.

For retail businesses, this is less of a concern. The Product pin will pull availability, price and where to buy the item when a product is pinned, but you still need to click through to make the purchase. It also automatically updates in perpetuity, And it only pulls that info from the website that someone pinned, so it doesn’t list your competition alongside your price.

To be eligible for the items in your online store to take advantage of Product pins, you have to add some metatags to your web pages, test it out and apply. Here’s all the Product pin info from Pinterest.

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