Blogging Variety is the Spice of Work

Finding the perfect job for me meant trying to find the right mixture of independence, variety, stability and routine. Perhaps these seem contradictory, but having a little of each has made my work life much more enjoyable.

One of the best parts of this job is working on different kinds of writing on a variety of subjects. I create content for a handful of blogs, including this one and a craft blog, both of which are personal projects. For the other blogs, I cover eclectic topics for businesses ranging from fashion to high-end dog products to e-commerce.

Perhaps the time period in which I’ve grown as a writer has lead me to blogging — watching the internet evolve from nothing to the burgeoning (controlled?) chaos it is today. I’m continually amazed at the niche markets people and companies carve out for themselves and I’m ecstatic to be apart of helping them build their businesses up.

My goal since becoming a freelancer is to work with small businesses and that is exactly what blogging and other services have allowed me to do.

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