Three Business-Focused Podcasts You Should Hear

Whenever I feel like I need a boost, I download a handful of podcasts to get my mind back in the business game.  Listening to entrepreneurs discuss their ideas and strategies or hearing an article’s author discuss his latest piece redirects a wandering mind to the task at hand — improving and excelling at your business.

A few of the podcasts I listen to on my iPodAfter searching through a few that were less than stellar, I have settled on three podcasts/webcasts that may encourage business owners and managers alike to see their business from a different angle. They certainly encourage me to do so.

  1. HBR IdeaCast — Produced by staff at Harvard Business Review and hosted by its editors, this podcast regularly interviews contributors of the publication. The topics covered vary, but a couple of my favorites have been “Why Pink May Not Work as a Breast Cancer Brand” and “Finding Profit in a World of Free.”
  2. PreneurCast: Entrepreneurship, Business, Internet Marketing and Productivity — While each episode starts off a bit slow, the two Australian hosts — author and serial entrepreneur Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher — provide great ideas, strategies and insight into building and maintaining a business. Not every topic will relate exactly to what you do, but hearing new ideas regularly is rarely a bad place to be.
  3. BBC Business Daily — More of a business news source than anything else, the topics this podcast covers are interesting and diverse, including the future of German manufacturing and one recent episode titled “Bankers to the Rescue?” For a news update in the international business world, this is a solid source.
Bonus Podcast: Modern Manners Guy — One of my favorite manners podcasts appears to have either changed names or stopped being produced, but Modern Manners Guy is a solid second. While not all of his topics are specifically looking at business situations, it is always beneficial to be prepared with proper manners.

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