Transition to Writing Company Coming Soon

I’ve been creating content and managing social media since 2011, and the biggest obstacle I have faced is time. As a writer, there is only so much content I can create in a given day before my writing reserves are drained. I can’t create more hours in the day, nor can I stop sleeping (I’ve tried). What I’ve decided to do instead is transition my freelance writing business into Eris & Edrington Writing Company. Continue reading

Merging Your Google+ Business and Google+ Local Pages

Many Google+ Local pages can now be merged with Google+ business pages. Google started rolling this out in early August, and an employee of Google wrote in the forums that the result will be that “Your business’ presence across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ will be unified.”

For the uninitiated, Google+ Local pages work a lot like Yelp!, where users can log in to review and rate businesses. Google+ Pages work more like Facebook pages, where the business itself would post updates and had access to a social network of fans.

When you merge your business page with your Google+ Local page, what the business posts is under the “Posts” tab and the “About” tab features the reviews the business has received. Essentially, it is bringing the social aspect of your business page with the review and rating system of the local pages. Check out The Meatball Shop for an example of a merged account.

How to Merge Google+ Business and Local Pages

If you went through the process of verifying your Google+ business page, you still need to verify the Local page. To start this process Continue reading

6 Tips for Doing Social Media for Businesses Better

Getting your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites is practically mandatory, but what do you do when you have your accounts set up? If you’re struggling to fill the content void, take these 3 dos and 3 don’ts to heart:

What to DO With Social Media

Social Media Buzz

  1. Determine who your audience/market is. Before you take on any marketing endeavor, this question needs to be answered. Who are you hoping will read your posts? Just keeping that in mind can save you a lot of anguish. If your target market is stay-at-home moms in their 30s, using curse words isn’t a great idea. But, if your target market is male fishermen in their 20s, that’s a different story.
  2. Engage with Continue reading